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As many of you know, Om Roller SHOP underwent a pause and we are now open again… for most of you!

If you are shipping to a country in the European Union or Economic Area you’ll be waiting a bit longer for our European webshop (based in Denmark) to open around September, please join the waitlist at to be notified if that’s you!

Roll Your Way to Sustainability

Make this the year your foam roller comes out of the closet and into the living room! 

Transform your self-care routine with Om Roller’s eco-friendly foam rollers, handmade with love using only the finest sustainable materials. 

Our beautifully designed massage rollers enhance your decor with functional art that provides on-the-spot relief. 

Elevate your rolling practice and promote a better world with Om Roller natural foam rollers.

Nature-inspired self-care

Our foam rollers are hand-carved from mango wood, wrapped in natural latex foam, and fitted with a durable natural fiber cover for the ultimate in sustainable wellness.

Unleash the Power of Natural Latex

Say goodbye to synthetic foam and elevate your self-care game with our superior foam that provides unmatched comfort and results.     

Dressed to Impress

Choose from a variety of handwoven textiles and natural dye organic cotton fabrics for a functional accessory that’s both practical and eye-catching.

Suitable Sizes

Control pressure and comfort by choosing from two roller diameters and a cork ball.