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Today’s BEST foam roller is eco-friendly.

Experience guilt-free luxury with a roller that supports the environment, as well as the artisans who make it.

Om Rollers are hand-crafted from premium, natural, and sustainably sourced materials.

Let yourself fall in love with this gorgeous line of massage tools designed to grace your space with beauty, form, and function.

Latex Foam

Experience the luxurious feel and smooth action of premium grade, natural latex foam sourced from the milky sap of rubber trees.

Mango Wood Core

Appreciate the beautiful grain patterns and colors of the hardwood core, hand-carved from sustainably grown mango wood.

Removable Covers

Choose from a selection  of  eye-catching decorative covers, all lovingly hand-sewn from high-end fabrics and textiles, including natural dye, premium wool or organic cotton fabrics. 

Multiple Sizes

Modify pressure by choosing from four roller  diameters. Available individually and in pairs that link together and nest for compact storage.

Enjoy Up To 20% Savings

The more you buy, the more you’ll save…