Om Roller Accessories

Optimize your order with these additional accessories to complement your rolling set. Our cork acupressure ball can either fits inside or rest on top of your roller. And you’ll be glad to have additional roller cover options to help keep your rollers looking clean and fresh all the time.

Om Roller Cork Massage Ball

The Om Roller cork massage ball is the perfect complement to our natural foam rollers, offering focused deep-tissue myofascial release.  It is made from 100% Portuguese cork making it naturally antimicrobial and one of the most environmentally sustainable materials available.

Om Roller Covers

You may want to freshen up your room’s decor every now and then, or have a seconday replacement cover on hand for your roller.  Check out the latest in our limited-edition covers!



Indigo, Ebony, Naga, Asanoha, Tribal, Safari, Diamond River Sage, Coyote Canyon, Elkhorn

Om Roller Covers