Foam Roller Back

Foam Roller Back

When we talk about foam rolling back exercises, we always start with a warning not to use your roller on the lower back. Focus your rolling on either the muscles around the Thoracic Spine (T1- T12) vertebrae or the upper Cervical Spine (C1-C7) vertebrae.

Avoid the area around the five vertebrae that make up the Lumbar Spine or the L1-L5. Too much pressure directly on the vertebrae that make up the Lumbar Spine can cause small movements in the lower back. This movement may exasperate preexisting conditions or even lead to issues where none existed before.

If you take these precautions, foam rolling the back is an effective form of self-massage. Releasing tension and tightness in the back with a muscle roller can help avoid conditions that could lead to future back pain.

How to Foam Roller Back Muscles

  1. Lie on your back  Foam Roller Back Exercises
  2. Place the roller under shoulder blades
  3. Place your bum on the ground
  4. Bend your knees
  5. Secure both feet flat on the ground
  6. Place your hands behind your head  Foam Roller Exercises Back
  7. Or extend your hands above your head for leverage
  8. Lift your bum off the ground
  9. Use your feet to rock slowly forward and backward
  10. Stick to the Thoracic Spine area
  11. Roll in sets of 10-15 and asses often
  12. Remember to breathe

Back Muscles Used?

Foam Roller Back Muscles

How Fast Should I Foam Roller My Back?

Foam rolling your back muscles should be done more slowly than other muscles to avoid the possibility of bumping up against the spinal column.  Furthermore, assure that your posture in the exercise is stable to prevent a sudden shift in body weight and pressure.

Should Back Muscle Roller Exercises Hurt?

Rolling the back muscles can be uncomfortable but should never cause unusual or extreme pain.  Always remember, back off if you experience sharp or electrical sensations as you roll your back muscles.

What Does Foam Rolling My Back Do?

Foam rolling your back muscles increases flexibility and eliminates tightness, soreness, and knots.  Rolling the back can also help to align the spine and alleviate tension from hunching over a computer or poor posture.

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