Beautiful, Natural and Functional

Plastic is everywhere. Scientists have found tiny bits of plastic in the most remote and pristine corners of our planet.  These tiny bits have made their way into our food chain.  Not only are most foam rollers made out of polluting plastic that is harmful to animal life, the environment, and us… but they are ugly! Who wants a big tube of plastic hanging around your living room?

My reaction was to develop beautiful, artistic and natural versions of the ubiquitous plastic foam roller.

We all have stories, and mine started in 2008 with severe sciatic pain from a slipped disc. For three months I was lying in bed in pain until deciding on surgery.

Shortly after surgery came the 2008 financial crisis.  I took the economic slump as an opportunity to travel. I eventually settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s “Rose of the North”. This where I came across many inspirational people including Mike Tan, the founder and teacher of bodywork therapy he calls Structural Energy Awakening. Given my recent experience with back injury, I found benefit from Mike’s bodywork and became a student to learn more.

The practice of self massage and body rolling was integral to Mike’s clinic.  Clients who did body rolling exercises between treatments saw the most relief from their chronic pain. The typical plastic foam rollers were not available in Chiang Mai. As a designer with time on my hands, I took on the challenge to develop beautiful, natural and functional body rollers for Mike’s clinic.

I was in the right place. The people of Northern Thailand have a long history of utilizing materials harvested from nature to make both artistic and functional objects. Local markets are full of carved wood, clothing made from natural dye, and shops stacked with woven textiles and blankets.

I rolled up my sleeves and jumped in and launched “Lanna Roller”, the original brand name being chosen in homage to the ancient “Lanna” kingdom of northern Thailand. That was 2011. Since then, together with Thai staff, we have refined our roller and expanded on the products and covers available. In 2019 “Lanna Roller” rebranded to become “Om Roller” to better connect with what we are about. All our products adhere to the same three founding principles: beautiful, natural and functional.

Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or suggestions.

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PJ Stambaugh

Founder of Om Roller