Foam Roller Exercises

Foam roller exercises for muscle pain, flexibility, myofascial release, treating trigger points, and post-workout recovery are widely used today.

For this reason, foam roller self-massage is now an integral part of daily protocols.

Dancers, runners, yoga & sports therapists, physiotherapists, and athletes of every type are now rolling.  This is because they know the benefits include enhanced performance and reducing injuries & DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Fatigue).

Benefits of Foam Roller Muscle Massage

    1. Increased Range of Motion
    2. More Flexibility
    3. Reduction in Muscle Soreness
    4. Quicker Recovery After a Workout
    5. Injury Prevention
    6. Avoid DOMS


Benefits of foam rolling you NEVER hear about are:

  • You can use your foam roller in bed
  • while watching a movie
  • or even at the office
The problem is that most foam rollers are sweaty, filthy gym tools made of toxic materials.  You’re better off leaving it in the bottom of your gym locker, the trunk of your car, or in the garage.
Our solution at OM Roller was to create a bespoke muscle massage tool with cushy hand-tapped natural rubber sap, mango wood, and soft removable textile covers.

Foam Roller Exercise Tips

Ideas for how to use a foam roller are everywhere.  So you should have no problem finding just the right source to inspire you to use your foam roller every day.

At Om Roller, our approach focuses on how to give love to individual muscle groups rather than on the foam roller exercises themselves.

We’ve found it’s most common for people to seek out foam rolling exercises for specific muscle issues – not from a desire to spend more time at the gym with one more routine.

And definitely not from a desire to add one more piece of plastic to the planet.

If you’re curious how to use your foam roller on a specific targeted muscle group, check out our list of foam roller muscle exercises below.  
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know so we can add it to our list.
Finally, for more information on Om Roller’s bespoke, handcrafted, all-natural wood, latex, and textile massage tools, please contact us, and we’ll definitely tell you more about our products. 
Also, let us know if you want to learn more about why you should ditch your ugly old smelly piece of foam.  If you can’t snuggle with your massage roller in bed – then it’s time for an Om Roller.