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Play Four: 3-4-5- and 6-inch

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Enjoy 20% savings! Power your myofascial release practice with all of our natural foam roller sizes. Have the right tool, at the right intensity for the right spot.

The Play Four combines all four of our roller sizes in one package: the Om Roller 3-inch, 4-inch5-inch and 6-inch.

For compact storage, the smaller rollers nest inside the larger rollers for a tidy look when you are not rolling it out.

Mix or match roller covers of your choice below.

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Om Roller 3-inch

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6-inch Om Roller with Naga cover

Om Roller 6-inch

Raising the diameter to 6 inches creates a much more gentle arch support and lighter rolling pressure. Like the Om Roller 5-inch, this model roller is wide enough to roll the back between the shoulders.

This gentle giant often appeals to those with large-framed bodies. Those who prefer less pressure are also drawn to this model, especially for the sole purpose of rolling the back and sides of the torso.

A Gentle Giant
The larger 6-inch diameter may be more suited to large-framed body types, or where a more gentle pressure is desired.

Lighter rolling pressure for torso
Those wishing to roll with a lighter pressure on the torso back and sides may find this to be a more ideal roller size.

Gentle upper-back torso rolling
The upper back torso roll with this roller offers a much more gentle arch and softer resistance than the standard 5-inch sizing.

Om Roller 5-inch

Measuring  5 inches in diameter and 17 inches across, this standard roller sizing is our most popular model, being wide enough to roll the upper-back torso while also providing the most comfortable rolling pressure for the average person.

Best all-rounder
Used for the wide range of standard rolling techniques, the Om Roller 5-inch is the ideal all-arounder for both beginners and advanced alike.

Great balance of hard pressure with cushioning
The wood and cushioning at this 5-inch sizing offers a great balance of aggressiveness and softness to afford optimal comfort while getting desired results.

Full upper-back torso rolling
The 17-inch length on this roller size is wide enough for most people to roll in one of the most popular and feel-good spots, the upper back torso roll.

Om Roller 4-inch

Om Roller 4-inch is what we would call a small foam roller, measuring 4 inches in diameter and 14 inches across. This sizing helps keep it a travel-friendly size, but is also a good choice for those with small body frames.

For the average size person might still desire the Om Roller 4-inch size as it allows for a stronger deeper roll for more stubborn muscles than the standard 5-inch roller sizing provides.

Travel Friendly
While not quite as nifty as the 3-inch sizing, the 4-inch model Om Roller still makes for a good travel-friendly size that allows you to keep rolling without weighing you down or taking up too much space.

An ideal match for small body frames
The small size of the Om Roller 4-inch makes a great match for people of small body frames. This size roller enables them to achieve the same reach and muscle engagement that a 5-inch size would for the average size body framed person, including a full-width back roll.

Stronger all-rounder for average body frames and above
For those with average or larger size body frames who are generally desiring a slightly stronger deeper roll, the Om Roller 4-inch offers a more focused pressure than the popular 5-inch size for their body size. The shorter length of this size roller does however result in restricted coverage during a full-width back roll for such body types.

Om Roller 3-inch

As our smallest roller, measuring  just 3 inches in diameter and 13 inches across, the Om Roller 3-inch stands out in a unique class of its own.   Several advantages arise from it’s nifty compact sizing.

Very Travel Friendly
Let’s start with the obvious advantage. This foam roller model makes for a very travel-friendly roller size that allows you to keep rolling wherever you go, without weighing you down or taking up too much space.

Gets to those hard to reach places
The small size of the Om Roller 3-inch easily makes it the most effective roller for reaching and engaging smaller muscles and anatomical areas of your body. These nooks and crannies and smaller muscles of your body include around your feet, calves, neck, behind the shoulder blades, hip flexors, and forearms.

Deeper massage
The smaller surface contact area naturally allows for a more intense, focused pressure, providing you with your own deep-tissue massage rolling experience. Seasoned rollers especially appreciate the extra-strength roll from these tiny rollers.

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