Foam Roller Exercises Glutes

Foam Roller Glutes

If you have a pain in the butt, in the literal sense, and you need some glute love, here are a few simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your foam roller glute exercises.

Often, we are unaware of muscle tension in the Gluteus Medius. And therefore, we are also not aware of the potential for discomfort in the back, knees, and hips as a result of tight glute muscles.  Foam roller glute routines following glute strength building are a great way to maintain the health and integrity of these important muscles.

How to Foam Roller Glute Muscles

If you’re foam rolling your glute muscles in the comfort of your own home using our bespoke, hand-designed massage roller, then we recommend you throw on something that allows you to move and stretch. After that, follow the simple glute roller exercise steps below.

  1. Sit on your foam roller at a 90 ° anglefoam roller glutes
  2. Cross your ankle or calf over your other leg
  3. Put one hand on the ground behind you
  4. Rest your other hand on the knee of the crossed leg
  5. Move back and forth about 10 inches up and down your glute muscles
  6. Switch to the other butt cheek & repeat
  7. Foam roll each glute muscle for 2 or 3 sets, 15-30 times
  8. Above all, remember to breathe

Foam Roller Exercises Glute Muscles


How Fast Should I Foam Roller My Glutes?

Choose a speed that feels good to you.  If your glutes feel tight, pause your foam rolling on the area that needs some extra love.  Don’t cause yourself any unnatural pain.  You should instead feel a bit of tension release.  You may also want to try a few short rolls back and forth across the tight areas.

Should Glute Foam Roller Exercises Hurt?

Glute foam roller exercise can cause mild to intense sensations depending upon how tight your glute muscles are.  If you are experiencing extreme discomfort from using any foam roller on your glutes, first back off the sensitive area and then slowly roll closer and closer.  This should give the muscles a chance to lengthen and loosen before you again attempt to put your total body weight on the area.  Always avoid any sharp or electrical sensations when foam rolling and muscles.

What Does Foam Rolling My Glutes Do?

Foam rolling your glute muscles can increase flexibility and alleviate soreness, tightness, and trigger points or knots.  Rolling releases the fascia that surrounds and intertwines with your glute muscles.  It is blockages, tightness, and adhesion of this fascia layer surrounding the glute muscles that can lead to problems with the glute muscle itself and even tangentially affect other muscles in the body.  The break up of this fascia is known as myofascial release of MFR.

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