Foam Roller Quads

Foam Roller Quads

For anyone who has ever experienced DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) after a strenuous workout, foam roller quad exercises are the perfect remedy for giving your quads some love.

Muscle soreness in the quadriceps caused by tight quad muscles can be painful at the very least and potentially lead to future knee or hip pain at the worst.  Foam roller quad protocols performed during your post-workout routine can help avoid muscle soreness and other problems related to tight quads. 

How to Foam Roller Quad Muscles

If you’re foam rolling your quad muscles with a soft handcrafted Om Roller in the privacy of your home, then we suggest you first put on your most comfortable outfit for stretching.  After that, just enjoy the quad roller exercise routine below.

  1. Lie on your stomachFoam Roller Quads
  2. Bend one knee almost level with your hips
  3. Prop yourself on the forearm opposite of the bent leg
  4. Place the palm of your other hand on the ground
  5. Move about 10 inches up and down your quads
  6. Switch to the other leg & repeat the process
  7. If you are feeling comfortable – flex and lengthen the extended leg
  8. Foam roll each quad muscle for 2 or 3 sets, 15-30 times
  9. And remember to always breathe
The Quadricep Femoris muscles are made up of four separate muscles.  They are the largest muscles in the lower body and are used for keeping you stable, walking, running, and generally supporting the knees.  Because we rely on the quads for so many everyday tasks, we see a variety of common quad injuries.  So, these injuries are usually a result of heavy use and repetitive stress.

The Muscles that Make Up the Quads are:

  1. Vastus Intermedius
  2. Vastus Medialis Oblique
  3. Vastus Lateralis
  4. Rectus Femoris

Foam roller exercises for quad muscles

How Fast Should I Foam Roller My Quads?

Choose a speed that feels good on your quads.  If your quads feel tight, you can pause or slowly roll over the area that needs some extra love.  But don’t linger too long and don’t cause any pain that feels sharp or unnatural.  You should feel a release of tension.  If you are not experiencing any unusual pain, try rolling back and forth across any areas of your quad muscles needing more love.

Should Quad Foam Roller Exercises Hurt?

Every (body) is different, so foam roller quad exercise can feel painful for some people.  However, if you are experiencing intense pain from your foam roller quad massage, try to avoid the sensitive area.  And then eventually approach it again once you feel more comfortable. 

By using this approach, you will begin to loosen your quads. Afterward, you can try to approach the sensitive area again.  Above all, remember that if you feel a sensation like a sharp or electrical shock when doing your foam roller exercises – back off.

What Does Foam Rolling My Quads Do?

A foam roller routine for your quad muscles can increase flexibility and eliminate tightness, soreness, and knots.  So, rolling the quad muscles can also help avoid future issues related to tightness in the quads, such as knee and hip problems.

More Foam Roller Muscle Exercises

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more foam roller exercises for specific muscle groups, check out the list below.
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