Foam Roller Hip Flexor Exercises

Foam Roller Hip Flexors

Foam roller Hip Flexors regularly to avoid tightness and discomfort in this small but crucial group of muscles.  The Hip Flexors are a group of the following muscles.

  1. Psoas
  2. Iliacus
  3. Rectus Femoris
  4. Tensor Fasciae Latae
  5. Sartorius


These small muscles connect your legs to the upper part of your body and allow you to take such actions as bending at the hip or moving your knees toward your chest.

Foam Roller Exercises Hips

Because these muscles are small, they can become overworked during workouts or even excessive running or walking.  Contrarily, the Hip Flexors may shorten because of excessive sitting and lack of use.

How to Foam Roller Hip Flexor Muscles

Roll your Hip Flexors often if you need to loosen this group of muscles from lack of activity.  If your Hip Flexors are tender from overuse, proceed more cautiously and limit the amount of time and number of times you foam roll your Hip Flexors in a given week.

  1. Lie on your stomachFoam Roller Hip Flexors Exercises
  2. Place both forearms on the ground in front of you
  3. Maintain a comfortable neck and head position in line with your body
  4. Keep the tops of the feet on the floor
  5. Put your foam roller under the area where your legs connect to the trunk of your body
  6. Move about 10 inches up and down your Hip Flexor muscles
  7. Switch to the other leg & repeat the process
  8. Foam roll each Hip Flexor for 2 or 3 sets, 15-30 times
  9. Remember to breathe and adjust the pressure accordingly
  10. If you need to reduce the pressure, try flexing your feet and putting your toes on the ground

How Fast Should I Foam Roller My Hip Flexors?

When foam rolling your Hip Flexors, you should go forward slowly and carefully.  As mentioned above, the Hip Flexors are a group of relatively small muscles so you should proceed with caution with any activities directed solely at your Hip Flexors.

Should Hip Foam Roller Exercises Hurt?

Many people overlook and neglect their Hip Flexors until they begin to cause pain or tightness.

If you are foam rolling your Flexors because you’re experiencing discomfort during regular exercise routines or daily activity, you will likely find them very tender to the touch.

If this is the case, roll gently with caution until the tenderness subsides during your normal daily activities.

What Does Foam Rolling My Hips Do?

Foam rolling your Hip Flexor muscles will help to loosen and lengthen these muscles after long periods of sitting or tightness from overuse.  Increased flexibility of the Hips can reduce discomfort when you engage these muscles, leading to a substantially increased range of motion for some everyday activities like bending over to pick something up or walking.

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